My family - 24/5/09

My family - 24/5/09

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I've started this blog as a record of my family life more than anything else. Time passes so quickly and there are things you think you will never forget but somehow you do....
I am Natalie, married to David since 14th May 2005. We have two gorgeous children Lyra (born 28/Jan/07) & Logan (born 20/Mar/09) and a crazy cat called Cassie. Life is hectic but good!

Thursday, 26 November 2009


I'm so thankful for my family who I
so much

I know I'm in the UK But I reckon it's great to be thankful for what you have.... OK right now I'm very thankful that the children are both asleep after a VERY trying day, that David is letting me sit quietly for a bit and that I have a nice big bottle of Baileys to dip into this evening. However I am mostly thankful for my wonderful family, despite the difficult days. Everyone has those and it makes us appreciate the good after all. We are all healthy, happy and really don't want for much at all. Except sleep. Oh yes that would be good....

I'm hoping Logan's teeth will finally break through soon as he is obviously in pain with them poor little lamb - poor me too as he screams a LOT at the moment & is usually such a happy wee boy. He does find playing peepo hysterical & laughs at his sister doing funny things so much. Baby laughs are so infectious!

Lyra has also been teething! her top and bottom 2nd molars on her left side are finally through (weren't 2 weeks ago) & hopefully the right ones will follow soon. all her teeth came through left side first. She has been very lovely & very trying in equal measures today. She is so good at emotional blackmail & sobs when I leave her at preschool only to stop the moment I leave almost in tears myself. She says "I love you sweetheart" to me so often & thanks me beautifully by saying "thank you for boughting me (XYZ) I love you honey" how heart-melting!

As for me; I saw my ward Sister today after physio (my boss) & have started the ball rolling for my return to work starting with one 12 hour night a week in March as I need to take my holiday first. she has referred me to Occupational Health. My hip is improving slightly. I've not had to use my crutch at all since tuesday. Still hurts a lot but not as bad as last week at least. at least my hands are OK so I can still crochet! I finally put up my pig pattern on Blog 2....

David is still obsessed with Stormtroopers & is off on a troop on 2nd December & he won't be home until 11pm - having left for work at 7.30am. rather sucks for me but he does enjoy it I suppose. I'm not sure about my feelings on the matter at present I must admit.... but i do love to see him so enthusiastic.

& it's not just my little nuclear family that I am thankful for; my lovely sisters who I love so much and appreciate hugely; my parents; the CAT even!! What would life be without such love? I'm a lucky mummy/wife/daughter/sister/friend....... How about you?

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