My family - 24/5/09

My family - 24/5/09

Welcome to my blog!

I've started this blog as a record of my family life more than anything else. Time passes so quickly and there are things you think you will never forget but somehow you do....
I am Natalie, married to David since 14th May 2005. We have two gorgeous children Lyra (born 28/Jan/07) & Logan (born 20/Mar/09) and a crazy cat called Cassie. Life is hectic but good!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Logan's birthday photos - finally!

The day before he hit the big "1" he had a little party with two baby friends....

He had lots of presents on the day itself but my car-mad boy was most interested in the cars Grandad Rob had sellotaped to one of them :0)

He did a good job of unwrapping them when he realised that there might be more cars in them!

Maracas don't quite fit in even Daddy's mouth...

It's very tiring being 12-months old...

Mummy almost forgot about this present, which came out after dinner when I remembered!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

A first birthday, Easter, Sharing a room and other big adventures

Oh dear, it's almost been a month since I last blogged. We've been rather busy and exciting grown-up things have been happening with my little ones.

Of course the big event was Logan's first birthday. My little monkey had a little party with a couple of friends over the day before and a nice family day of presents and cake and cuddles and playtime on the big day itself. He is getting much better at opening presents now he's had some practise and ripped the wrapping paper off happily. His favourite presents by far were his cars - my little boy is a definite fan of cars! The Brio train set will be a lasting present though and Lyra enjoys playing with it too. The cake went down very well and I was quite happy with how it turned out. I will have to find other excuses for making & decorating cakes after David's birthday on Saturday has passed... Really hoping I get a chance to decorate his cake on friday!

Last weekend was Easter, which is always a big family thing with us. In a change to our usual tradition we went to spend the saturday and sunday at my parents' house with my sisters and Genni's boyfriend Simon. It was a lovely relaxed affair with lots of yummy food and chocolate, an Easter Egg hunt and even a board game on Saturday evening! Lyra and Logan adore my family so it was great fun and I even had a little time to rest myself :0) I really miss my sisters now they have both moved away and am very glad we are so close that we all make an effort to keep in close touch.

I took the weekend off from my diet but have been back to it for the past couple of days so hoping damage limitation will mean my hard work isn't all undone!!! I have now lost over 2 stone and weigh the same as I did at 17/18. I aim to lose another stone by the summer so fingers crossed I can keep up the motivation.....

Another couple of very recent steps forward involve bedtime - Logan spent last night sharing Lyra's bedroom for the first time and Lyra finally agreed to say goodbye to her dummy over the past few days! Sleep wise it went fine, Logan woke twice but Lyra slept through it and he settled back down again. In fact it was the first night in a while that he hasn't come into our bed until morning (6am!). A bit of a nuisance for me to go in there when he wakes as it's more effort but it does mean I have to get up and of course I will continue to be the only one that gets up in the night for him... but then it does mean I wake up so I don't wake in the morning to find he's appeared in bed with us and I have sleep amnesia! Lyra has relinquished her dummy in exchange for a Princess Giselle (Disney's Enchanted) wedding dress in her size. She was shown the dress and given the choice - dummy or dress - & chose the dress as she has lusted after it for weeks and weeks. To be honest she's not had her dummy for a few nights recently so was more receptive but I'm thrilled as I HATE dummies. She only had it from age 2 because we had a couple of "just in case" dummies we were getting ready for Logan's birth and David said she could "look after them for the baby". Yeah right, big mistake; she's been addicted ever since!! Never mind, it's gone now & I'm very happy.

I'm now officially on sick leave from work due to my continuing pelvic problems. These are being investigated further this month so I may even get a proper diagnosis & prognosis so I can make some work-type decisions. I've made 2 pieces for my Etsy shop and will put pictures of another on there to demonstrate a customisable project.... will be useful for Christmas money!

David is making an aluminium E111 blaster piece by piece and is continually upgrading his stormtrooper armour. He's 33 this weekend and I've hardly bought him any presents as he's been a bit awkward about letting me know what he wants until this week. i'm trying to make him something too but that's not progressing well because he's always there when I get a chance to crochet!

OK, I think I will do separate photo update posts because they are always a faff with text. I think I'm going to have to set up my own website soon and possibly have a little shop on there too...... save Etsy fees!

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Hello, hello, how's your weekend going? I thought I'd take advantage of the rest of the household being asleep to blog on the computer not just via e-mail on my phone.

We've been rather a plague-ridden family lately with constant colds over the past 2 weeks, poor Logan has had nasty tonsilitis & been on yucky tasting antibiotics, Lyra has been off of preschool this week as she had such a bad cough & David has just about struggled along...

The children are still gorgeous and wonderful though and David has organised some lovely surprises for mothers day tomorrow (I missed out last year as we had a 2-day-old logan to distract David & he didn't get around to it so he's really spoiling me this year... Lyra has taken to going shopping with her own little pink shopping basket, she has drenched herself in perfume today (made me sneeze!!) and runs around like a loon a lot of the time. She can sing beautifully and knows the words to most of the songs from "Enchanted" - she thinks she IS Giselle & asks "why am I falling down the hole? did auntie Genni (wicked stepmother!!! ha ha!) push me?". She is no longer crying when left at preschool, whci is fabulous!

Logan is climbing everything! he can and will push something over to aid his ascent, no sign of walking because it would slow him down!!! He likes to "talk" on the phone - or anything to be honest - going "heyo? yeah, yeah" and talks a little"mama" "dada" "arara" (Lyra) "dairs"(stairs= anything he can climb!!!) "yeah" "no" "done"(done - finished) "dat" (cat) & a few more but is ever so expressive without words - he will growl & make funny voices too! He goes "da da da dadaaa" in time with music & bounces to a rhythm.. posts things out of the cat flap, LOVES pushing his cars around the floor and makes car noises or aeroplane "niaow" noises (the latter while swooping his hand through the air) still eats cat food with obvious relish, chases the cat & his sister, both of whom he adores. no buttons, knobs or dials are safe from his twiddling little fingers!

As for me; I finally went to Occupational Health last week regarding my imminent return to work and my inability to stand for long periods let alone.... I was really worried because I hate to feel I'm letting anyone down but the OT was lovely & so understanding, she made it clear she was concerned about ME not just my ability to perform in my job (HCA for stroke patients). She explained that I need to go to my GP to be referred for an "expert opinion", which I did on Wednesday... & was also referred to the hospital for an x-ray (which I had done by half an hour after leaving the GP! super fast!) and a fasting blood test with the surgery Phlebotomist (next wednesday first thing) so I'm being fully assessed!! I have telephone number to phone next week to book an appointment with Osteopathy. Phew!! I need to see my GP next week or the start of the following week to be signed off sick but also need to contact my manager to let her know I'll be doing this & have physio next thursday too. Oh & it's Logan's birthday next Saturday so I'll be sorting that out and a little tea party on friday too so I'm super duper busy and trying not to get stressed out and EAT too much!!! I've now lost 1 stone 9lb since the 10th January and am very pleased with myself. I'd put a bit of weight back on due to my inability to exercise due to the aforementioned pelvic problems so I've set myself a massive target of 3 stone to lose by this summer, which is a MAJOR challenge when you have stresses going on and are still breastfeeding. I do SO hope I can do it - I now weigh the same as I did at age 18 and the lightest I have been in my adult life really. Hmmm what else - I've actually managed a little gentle gardening over the past few weeks - spring is on the way! So that's us - a little insight into our current lives!!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Sun, sun, sun here we come...

March = spring = sunshine & flowers. I love springtime! If it weren't
for my sore hips & wiggly small children I'd be out in the garden all
day but I'm sure I can be for a while at least today...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Its nearly here...

The spring that is! Crocuses, snowdrops and even early daffodils are
starting to make their bright and cheery appearance in the cold
February ground. (the photo was taken 3 weeks ago or so and is the
first spring flowers I saw) I do so love the springtime; the young and
fresh green life that will soon be surrounding us, the SUNSHINE-
goodness knows we're in need of it- the chance to get out in the
garden and start off some plants....

We visited our local garden centre today for both a couple of new
plants and as a gentle family day out - fountains, fish, windmills,
garden ornaments &swing seats are good to entertain the little ones
and the plants keep me happy! I only bought a few plants (grape
hyacinth, thyme, sage and English lavender) to keep me going but we
also bought some fat balls for putting out along with the bird table
and feeder we already have to attract more birds to our garden. We
have two friendly robins who are regular visitors already & the
children get very excited when we have avian guests in the garden.

I have managed to get out to do some gardening 3 times so far over the
past week and am most pleased with myself! Compost has been removed
from the composter and spread about; plants have been potted up,
planted out and pruned; the patio has been tidied & swept and the
plantless pots emptied and stacked... I love the way the improving
weather motivates me to this!

In other news; I made Logan a pair of cords last night and am in the
process of crocheting a cardi for Lyra; this productivity and busyness
is so gratifying! I really hope that next week is a positive one; our
washing machine should be fixed tomorrow and I have physiotherapy on
Thursday morning, possibly the last before my return to work... The
tooth that has been plagueing Logan all week is half broken through
and Lyra is back at preschool tomorrow... I already did the majority
of my spring cleaning but expect I Will find more to do, it's
impossible to rest from tidying with two small mess makers!

I hope you have a good week too :o)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

small treats, big pleasures

Hello! I thought I would take a few minutes to catch up while Lyra is upstairs playing nicely with her auntie Genni and Logan is chilling out & starting to doze on my lap...
I've taken advantage of Genni's presence and visited town this morning. After an initial drama of Lyra jumping in puddles and soaking her clothes on the one occasion I didn't bring a change for her & trawling charity shops for dry trousers we had a rather successful trip... I bought some "Hot Choc Shot" (that we have been waiting for for months!) and some fab chocolates for just 50p a pack from Whittards, plus coasters to match our favourite mugs also on offer...
In lush I indulged in a "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" box - full of a variety of lovely goodies - and a "comforter" bubble bar that is my absolute favourite. I also found a lovely chenille jumper and two fab t-shirts for Lyra, plastic scooby doo characters (a favourite with
Lyra), a "1" candle for 25p for a certain young man's rapidly approaching birthday and two chunky cars for Logan (probably a birthday pressie) from charity shops so feel quite satisfied with my spends! Lush and whittards are my favourite shops for little treats. The things I've bought will provide weeks and weeks worth of little treats and small indulgent pleasures, just what you need on a rainy February day when you have had little sleep!

As its been a couple of weeks an update is probably in order; Last weekend David was away in Sussex (4 1/2 hours away!) for the SFX weekender; in armour of course. We went to stay with my family for two days and the night in between and all of us really enjoyed ourselves,
though we missed him terribly he missed us more as we three were together... In the 7 years since David and I have lived together that was our longest seperation and it was very odd! On the Sunday our washing machine broke!! We are still awaiting a part & I hope that we should gave it fixed in a couple of days, we've done 3 loads of laundry at the launderette but are still bogged down! Then last week we had a major breakthrough with Lyra and the ongoing saga of crying-at-preschool; she didn't! It was the first time since October (when I had 2 tear-free sessions before half term holidays & they returned in full force afterwards) and inevitably this week is half-term!! It was a good week though as we visited lovely friends, finally met one friend's beautiful new baby and had a visit from lyra's godmother with lyra's birthday present.
Logan's 4th tooth (left incisor) came through on Monday, beating his 2nd (right) front tooth that is still en route. Genni arrived yesterday, we've missed her loads now she lives in London; it's been 2 months!!! Logan celebrated by projectile vomiting all over her, she's so amazing though that she dealt with it very well!! Having lost a whole stone in a month I'm having a few days off of dieting and we are having a Chinese takeaway tonight & if Logan is well enough I will hi to the cinema with David as a belated valentines day. I really hope I don't suffer for it weight wise!! I would LOVE to lose at least 12lb in the next 6 weeks before Easter... I'm giving up bread for lent; You never know I may do it! TTFN x

Friday, 29 January 2010

My 3-year-old....

Yesterday my little princess turned three and I can hardly believe it;
where on earth has that three years gone?! She has grown from a
beautiful, stern eyed baby who was too interested in the world to sleep
to a gorgeous, strong willed, clever little girl who can recognise her
name written down, counts to 16, sings the alphabet song, makes up
games where she is going to work or shopping or being a mummy, says "I
love you" to her family frequently and with feeling, loves to help
cook (especially cakes!) though eating isn't her thing, is as dainty
as a little pixie but rough as a tomboy with her daddy. Lyra is
protective of her baby brother then runs away with his toys because
she wants them, has a wicked laugh and a very earthy sense of humour
(it's all "poo" "boobies" "bottoms" etc!), can use a pc, iPhone and ds
with ease, insists she is a big girl but is heartbroken every time
mummy leaves her at preschool (which she soon recovers from) and wants
"some boobie milk" when she feels poorly or sad. She is bossy,
independent and imperious at home and with family but shy and quiet,
watching but hiding from questions at preschool. She loves peppa pig,
tinkerbell, scooby doo and harry potter. She is obsessed with her
dummy even though she didn't have one until a year ago, when she
obtained the one we had 'just in case' for Logan. She drives me crazy
and melts my heart, she is so precious to me I would do anything for
her and her happiness. She wails and stomps like any child her age but
is open to reason and doesn't ask "why" ALL the time at least. Her
speech and vocabulary are amazing, she is so sharp she picks up on
everything and I worry she will be too clever and find it hard to deal

I love her. That, most of all.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

10 months old... My big little man!

the past week or so has involved some major developmental steps for my little boy.Please excuse the quality of the pictures; taken on my iphone!

The stair gate/ room divider had to be put up last Tuesday because he decided to start climbing the stairs... He now climbs the stairs all the way to the top, all by himself every night ont he way to the bathroom.....

Incidentally the stairs are not all he climbs. This morning alone he has climbed onto the footstool to get onto the chair to try to see out of the window (and then fallen off!) and onto Lyra's oy bench in her room to get to toys on the windowsill.

He learned to drink from his doidy cup all by himself (slanted, lidless baby cup) with minimal mess and great enthusiasm....

He has learned to post things out through the cat flap! I found a rattle out there yesterday, this is him trying to post a scarf!

And last, but certainly not least, he slept from 7pm to 5am last night. The first time he has effectively slept through the night! he's a happy, chirpy little man, into everything (including but not limited to eating cat food) and ever so cuddly but definitely mummy's boy! He loves playing with cars, trucks, wheeled alligators, brick trucks - anything he can push along expecially if it makes a noise. It's lovely that he can now play properly

As for everyone else; Lyra is now back at preschool and loving it apart from the initial separation from me where she still cries. Next week is he 3rd birthday and I am arranging a little party for her at home. She is very excited about the whole thing and to be honest so am I! I've ordered some coloured sugar paste from eBay to decorate her birthday cake and can't wait to see her face when she opens her presents!

David isprobably going trooping over the first weekend in February in Sussex!! He really wants to go but it's such a long way that he is still undecided. I think we need to properly look at possible troops more locally becasue he really doesn't want to travel such a long way from us and be away from me for the longest time since we've lived together 6 1/2 years ago!

I'm on a diet and have lost 5lb in just 1 1/2 weeks. I am hungry sooo often as I'm trying to avoid snacking!!! I'm happy though, mostly & keeping pretty busy. It's nice to get back into routine after such a long break and I'm very proud of myself for doing sp well. I do at least 30minutes on my wii fit each evening aswell as dieting so have less time for crochet, only real downside!!!!!

TTFN,I'm being climbed on!

Monday, 11 January 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

It has been very, very wintery and festive over the past week, with more snow than I've seen since I was about 5 years old! of course we had to take advantage of it and build snowmen, go sledging and have snowball fights... David had last Wednesday and Thursday off due to the treacherous conditions so it has felt rather like an extension of the Christmas holidays. Love it!

Logan seemed vaguely confused, a bit interested but mainly not too fussed however Lyra was ridiculosly excited about the whole thing! When the snow first began falling heavily she ran from front to back of the house saying "it's snowing!!!" "It's snowing in the back garden too!" and was very hyper! Of course she has got a bit chilly a few times and we've only spent limited time outside but here are a few pictures at least becasue it is such a rare occurrence to have such generous helpings of snow in this part of the world.......

It was still snowing heavily when we first went out, Logan soon fell asleep all snuggled up in the sling though
Lyra considers sledge to be THE best mode of transport....
David is an angel... in an eiderdown jacket...

I made this snowman almost unaided last Wednesday and he only collapsed last night, I have made another from his remains, how gruesome!! He was about 7 foot tall :o)

Our Christmas in pictures

On Christmas Eve the children snuggled up with Daddy in their new PJs to listen to "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"...

I finished the masses of wrapping we had left to do(!) and piled the presents under the tree... the toy box is underneath the pile!!

Logan woke us at about 5.30 and after playing with him and trying to keep him quiet for over an hour we gave him his stocking (and opened ours) before Lyra came in and joined us at about 7.30 to open hers :)

Everyone got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast (breakfast BEFORE presents of course)

Then the serious business of present opening began in earnest....

Logan wasn't too sure about the opening presents and I think was a little overwhelmed, though he did try to eat the wrapping paper when he did tear a bit off...

OK he does seem rather uninterested in the farm animals I lovingly made for him, however he does play with them (and chews them!) a lot

Lyra, however, was quite a pro at the present opening thing and opened a lot of Logan's too (and ours). This is a little bag I made for her for the kid tough camera that was her main present.

Even Cassie got into the festive spirit and suffered a jingly jangly fluffy festive collar for a little while

And then we generally played, nibbled, cuddled etc etc etc.... as you can see the lounge was rather a state by the time the Opening was complete!

& that was our Christmas day! of course int he run up we had numerous parties, Lyra's first Nativity with preschool, Christmas Eve with my family and so on but that was the day itself, a lovely family time with presents and happy exciteable children. Unfortunately Lyra was poorly and Logan was teething but everyone managed to be in good spirits and we had a lovely day... can't wait until the next one! x