My family - 24/5/09

My family - 24/5/09

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I've started this blog as a record of my family life more than anything else. Time passes so quickly and there are things you think you will never forget but somehow you do....
I am Natalie, married to David since 14th May 2005. We have two gorgeous children Lyra (born 28/Jan/07) & Logan (born 20/Mar/09) and a crazy cat called Cassie. Life is hectic but good!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

small treats, big pleasures

Hello! I thought I would take a few minutes to catch up while Lyra is upstairs playing nicely with her auntie Genni and Logan is chilling out & starting to doze on my lap...
I've taken advantage of Genni's presence and visited town this morning. After an initial drama of Lyra jumping in puddles and soaking her clothes on the one occasion I didn't bring a change for her & trawling charity shops for dry trousers we had a rather successful trip... I bought some "Hot Choc Shot" (that we have been waiting for for months!) and some fab chocolates for just 50p a pack from Whittards, plus coasters to match our favourite mugs also on offer...
In lush I indulged in a "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" box - full of a variety of lovely goodies - and a "comforter" bubble bar that is my absolute favourite. I also found a lovely chenille jumper and two fab t-shirts for Lyra, plastic scooby doo characters (a favourite with
Lyra), a "1" candle for 25p for a certain young man's rapidly approaching birthday and two chunky cars for Logan (probably a birthday pressie) from charity shops so feel quite satisfied with my spends! Lush and whittards are my favourite shops for little treats. The things I've bought will provide weeks and weeks worth of little treats and small indulgent pleasures, just what you need on a rainy February day when you have had little sleep!

As its been a couple of weeks an update is probably in order; Last weekend David was away in Sussex (4 1/2 hours away!) for the SFX weekender; in armour of course. We went to stay with my family for two days and the night in between and all of us really enjoyed ourselves,
though we missed him terribly he missed us more as we three were together... In the 7 years since David and I have lived together that was our longest seperation and it was very odd! On the Sunday our washing machine broke!! We are still awaiting a part & I hope that we should gave it fixed in a couple of days, we've done 3 loads of laundry at the launderette but are still bogged down! Then last week we had a major breakthrough with Lyra and the ongoing saga of crying-at-preschool; she didn't! It was the first time since October (when I had 2 tear-free sessions before half term holidays & they returned in full force afterwards) and inevitably this week is half-term!! It was a good week though as we visited lovely friends, finally met one friend's beautiful new baby and had a visit from lyra's godmother with lyra's birthday present.
Logan's 4th tooth (left incisor) came through on Monday, beating his 2nd (right) front tooth that is still en route. Genni arrived yesterday, we've missed her loads now she lives in London; it's been 2 months!!! Logan celebrated by projectile vomiting all over her, she's so amazing though that she dealt with it very well!! Having lost a whole stone in a month I'm having a few days off of dieting and we are having a Chinese takeaway tonight & if Logan is well enough I will hi to the cinema with David as a belated valentines day. I really hope I don't suffer for it weight wise!! I would LOVE to lose at least 12lb in the next 6 weeks before Easter... I'm giving up bread for lent; You never know I may do it! TTFN x

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