My family - 24/5/09

My family - 24/5/09

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I've started this blog as a record of my family life more than anything else. Time passes so quickly and there are things you think you will never forget but somehow you do....
I am Natalie, married to David since 14th May 2005. We have two gorgeous children Lyra (born 28/Jan/07) & Logan (born 20/Mar/09) and a crazy cat called Cassie. Life is hectic but good!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Logan's 3 months old!!

Well I can hardly believe it but my little boy is 3 whole months old today, how quickly did that go?! He's getting so big - I had him weighed for the first time since he was 6 weeks old & he was a whopping 14lb 12oz, gaining an average of 1/2 lb a week that means he will have doubled his birth weight of 7lb 7oz now, little porker! He's tall too though, 63cm long (OK not as big as Kate's Thomas but pretty respectable all the same!!). He's starting to find some 3-6 month clothes a little tight, which I'm sure can't be right & must be the cut of the clothes. Or possibly the cloth bottom he has during the day....I'm still doing lots of baby wearing, which is essential really with such a demanding big sister around... get the feeling I'm a bit of a hippy really as I've been making my own jam, elderflower cordial etc etc & even wore a skirt I made myself today - Logan brings out the hippy self-sufficient mama side of me!!
He's such a lovely smiley & good natured baby who loves kisses and cuddles. His favourite games are people pulling faces at him, which he tries to copy (sticking his tongue out etc, so sweet) & one we've developed together where I kiss his face & he tries to bite my chin!!! He coos, smiles and laughs away & it all makes me so happy:o) Sleepwise he's pretty good, he settles himself to sleep a lot of the time at night & last night slept 7.30 to 3 & 3.30 to 7.30, which made mummy very very happy I can tell you! Usually he's a bit more difficult to settle in the middle of the night but maybe he's decided 3-month-olds sleep well - who knows?! He's quite a mummy's boy & has a particular call he makes when he wants me, then as soon as he sees me he smiles beautifully, "talks" to me and waves his arms and legs about excitedly. No one else gets that reaction & it's not just when he's hungry! He usually enjoys his baby massage (unless he's too tired), always loves his bath and loves it when people talk to him. Pretty soon I'll be getting our prince lionheart version of a bumbo down fromthe attic so he can sit & interact a it more with us.
Lyra is being a lovely big sister most of the time, though does seem to make SO much work for me! yesterday we had a bit of a fright with her when she had a cycling accident (was knocked over backwards off trike with trike & friend on top of her!) & had a nasty bump to the back of her head, with a little cut int he middle that bled profusely. Thank God, she was ok & it was just a tiny cut but now the situation is dealt with just thinking about it makes me cry, the adrenaline got me through until we were nearly home & I started shaking & nearly crying. Poor Lyra keeps saying her head hurts but is a lot better today... Obviously I feel really guilty now that I'd been having to tell her off earlier in the week for being a nightmare child, mums can't win on that one!!

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