My family - 24/5/09

My family - 24/5/09

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I've started this blog as a record of my family life more than anything else. Time passes so quickly and there are things you think you will never forget but somehow you do....
I am Natalie, married to David since 14th May 2005. We have two gorgeous children Lyra (born 28/Jan/07) & Logan (born 20/Mar/09) and a crazy cat called Cassie. Life is hectic but good!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

drip drip drip.....

just a quick post today as Lyra & Logan are both asleep in the afternoon for once & that NEVER happens!! (actually Logan is awake but up in his cot wriggling happily so effectively the same.
Weather has left a lot to be desired this week, today is the first sunny day in ages & next door has been burning garden waste all morning so not been able to go out or do laundry - big issue with 2 little ones!!

My garden is benefitting from the wet weather though & is full of life & growth. The other day I actually bought some flowering perenials so we have a little colour in our garden - a blood red dahlia, a yellow & a pink coreopsis & a lilac budlea. It was about time I had some flowers in my garden really!! My tomatoes are doing amazingly, we have finished all of the potatoes from one potato plant but will leave the other for a while to let them get bigger, the carrots are becoming orange & recognisably carroty & the butternut squash has buds starting (that's the one I really can't wait for). The slugs ate all of the leaves on my runner beans & the peas were gobbled up as son as they sprouted but there are bound to be some casualties....

I've been making lots of different things recently - a patchwork skirt & replacement doll's pushchair seat for Lyra, a bandana bib for Logan, a crochet rabbit for my cousin's new baby, Genni's zombie is a continuing work in progress and I've started crocheting some granny-hexagons for a bright little blanket... I have ordered some aran weight cotton yarn in order to get started on a stripy crochet ripple blanket to have on the sofa ready for snuggling - I'm planning on a reasonable sized one so have ordered 1500g of patons cotton yarn in 3 colours, another ebay auction for 500g of another colour in the same yarn is finishing today so hopefully I'll win that as turquoisey blue, lilac, rose pink and dusky pink will go well together I feel... certainly keeping busy aren't I!

OK off to have a bit of a tidy while the small ones are sleeping (Logan has dropped off by himself now - yay!)

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